mysore practice tips and Guidelines

  • Come to class with an open mind, ready to focus and learn.

  • Bring a towel or two for practice.  One for you and one for the teacher to use for adjustments.

  • Do not drink water during practice.  Keep your water bottle outside the practice space.

  • Do your best to get a good night’s sleep and proper nutrition the day before practice.

  • Practice on an empty stomach.  A light snack 2 hours before is fine.

  • Wear clothing that you can move in comfortably, but not too bulky or warm.  Prepare to sweat, our space is 80 degrees.

  • Shower before practice, it helps warm the muscles - especially for early morning practice - and ensures no offensive body odor.

  • One powder room and one bathroom with a shower are available. If you want to use the shower you will need to bring your own towel. We provide shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and hair dryer. Please help keep these areas clean and orderly.

  • Do not wear heavy perfume or cologne for practice out of respect for other students.

  • Clean your mat and practice towels regularly.

  • Minimize talking in the practice space except when interacting with the teacher about matters relevant to your practice.

  • Leave cell phones outside of practice space, or at least ensure that they are in silent mode.

  • Cubbies are available to store your belongings, please refrain from storing your belongings in other areas of the studio.

  • Inform the teacher of any injuries or medical conditions before you begin practice.

  • Upon arrival in the classroom, sign-in at the small desk, then silently roll out your mat in line with the others in the room. At one point, the teacher will ask everyone to come to Samasthitih for chanting the opening invocation. After the chant you may resume your practice where you left off. If you arrive after the chant, you may chant silently on your own, or take a few moments to settle your thoughts and prepare your mind for practice.

  • Do your practice up to the last pose/asana that you have been given and stop.  Do not ask for the next pose - the teacher will give it to you when you are ready.

  • If you need help, come to samasthitih and wait for the teacher to come and assist you.

  • After your practice, props are to be returned to their original places arranged with proper attention and neatness.


It is traditional to practice Sunday through Friday (six days a week) and take off Saturdays, and Moon Days (Full Moon and New Moon).  We realize six days a week is a big commitment and takes time to adjust to, therefore, we recommend 2-3 days a week practice as a minimal starting point. This practice is best done consistently (whether 6 days a week or fewer), with patience, dedication, and no attachment to the results of your practice (abhyasa and vairagya). One helpful way to do this is think of your asana/posture practice as a moving meditation by keeping your mind focused on the body movements, breath patterns, and visual focus points during your practice. If you practice this way, less attachment to outcome occurs and the beauty of the practice grows.


Women are advised to take off the first 2-3 days of their monthly cycle.