In honor of Ashtanga tradition, full and new moon days are observed as yoga holidays or days to enjoy rest.  

Ashtanga yoga is traditionally practiced six days a week.  It is also part of that tradition to rest on the new and full moon.  There are different reasons for this.  Mainly, it is seen that on these days our energies are at their highest peaks of opposition.  We do not offer our regular class schedule on moon days as we encourage restoration of the body.  One moon day a month we are closed.  One moon day a month we are closed to our regular class schedule, however we offer a one-hour supplemental moon day class to gently restore the body.  Below is the list of moon days, studio closures, and date/time for the special supplemental moon day classes. 


Sunday 15th – new, closed
Sunday 29th – full, closed

Monday 14th – new, supplemental moon day class @ 6:00am
Tuesday 29th – full, closed

Wednesday 13th – new, supplemental moon day class @ 7:00am
Wednesday 27th – full, closed

Thursday 12th – new, supplemental moon day class @ 5:30pm
Friday 27th- full, closed

Friday 10th  – new, closed
Saturday 25th- full, supplemental moon day class @9:00am

Sunday 9th – new, closed
Monday 24th – full, supplemental moon day class @6:00am

Monday 8th – new, closed
Wednesday 24th – full, supplemental moon day class @7:00am

Wednesday 7th – new, supplemental moon day class @ 7:00am
Thursday 22nd – full, closed

Thursday 6th – new, supplemental moon day class @ 5:30pm
Saturday 22nd – full, closed