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moon day supplemental class with karen vielle

may 14 @ 6:00am 



These one-hour passive stretching yoga classes are the perfect supplement to an active practice.  They are designed to help release tight connective tissue.  We’ve placed them on our schedule once a month on the day of rest – a moon day – on purpose, to gently restore your body.   By taking these classes you can learn passive stretches to help you release the tighter areas of your body safely.  This class is suitable for all levels of practitioners.


The Ashtanga practice is a dynamic form of yoga designed to generate heat.  Heat helps to stretch and strengthen muscles and bones; it detoxifies organs and blood.  Although there are many health benefits, to create balance it can be very effective to supplement our active practice with a slower, more passive kind of yoga which helps release tight connective tissue.  Connective tissue surrounds and supports our muscles and all of the tissues of the body, it needs to be stretched carefully and slowly.  If connective tissue becomes hardened it can restrict your flexibility, which may be keeping you from progressing in practice or putting you at risk for injury. 

CLASS FEES:  regular class rates apply.  View the monthly moon day schedule here.

asana clinic with shelley enlow

May 20 @ 9am - 11am

finishing clinic jpeg.jpg


The Ashtanga practice ends with a finishing sequence made up of five parts, each with their own purpose; shoulder stands, counter poses to shoulder stands, head stands, lotus poses, and final relaxation.  These asana clusters are woven in an intelligent way to bring equilibrium back to the body’s inner energy system and process the effects of the deep purification that has taken place throughout the practice.  This clinic will research the five asana clusters; explaining their purpose, how they link, and creative ways to work within each part to gain the most benefit. 

CLINIC FEE:  $30 regular rate, $20 member rate

Want to learn more?  We recommend you stay from 11am-noon for the free community talk where Shelley will open with the most frequently asked questions about the finishing sequence and answer questions you have about the clinic or your practice!

Free community talk with Shelley enlow 

May 20 @ 11:00am 

This specific talk will focusing on questions and commentary around the finishing sequence.  If the close out is an area of your practice that you need help with, we strongly encourage you to sign up and participate in the Understanding the Finishing Sequence Asana Clinic (scroll down to see info).  However, regardless if you attend the clinic or not, you will benefit from the conversation - please come!  



These one-hour talks are a wonderful way to support your personal yoga practice by helping you stay connected, motivated, and inspired.  We welcome all yoga practitioners from all schools of yoga as well as anyone interested in learning about yoga.  Community talks are designed around yoga theory to provide a deeper layer to the teachings of yoga.  They are meant to be interactive beginning with call and response to select chants, progressing into the topic of the day, and finishing with a Q&A session.  Questions are encouraged; this could be about a specific posture, bandhas, working with injuries, questions about the system, basically questions you have about your practice.  

As always, our community talks are free, everyone is welcome!

summer challenge kick off event

june 3 @ 9am - 11am 

Do some yoga, make some friends, get a cool T-Shirt! 

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We invite all regular and new students to pick their ideal class attendance level and join the AYS summer challenge.  You can choose 26, 52 or 70 classes.  The goal of the challenge is for each of you to experiment with increasing the frequency and consistency in which you practice yoga . . . 2 classes/week = 26, 4 classes/week = 52, 5+ classes/week = 70+. 

The benefits of a committed yoga practice are significant and follow a dose/response pattern.  Simply stated, the more you do it the more you get from it.  This is not about losing weight or making yourself “better”, rather it is about stepping up the self-care game.  What better way to do this than participating in a studio with committed teachers supporting a like-minded community of people.

The summer challenge begins Sunday, June 3 at 9am with an all levels led Ashtanga class followed by challenge information.  You will receive a challenge card to keep track of your attendances every time you come to class.  If you can't make the kick-off we will give you your card the first time you come to class after June 3rd.  This is the first class eligible for counting towards your goal, so everyone please come!

 AYS Spokane Summer Challenge 2017 Potluck Party

AYS Spokane Summer Challenge 2017 Potluck Party

How the challenge works

  1. Pay a $20 enrollment fee (does not include yoga), this automatically signs you up for the challenge.   

  2. Choose to complete 26, 52 or 70 classes this summer.  All regular classes, community talks, and asana clinics on our schedule are eligible towards your goal.  Regular rates apply for all yoga classes.

  3. Come to the Summer Challenge Kick-off Sunday, June 3rd at 9:00am. 

  4. Join in to celebrate the end of the Summer Challenge with a pot luck party on Friday, August 31.  

Not a member?  Do you usually pay drop-in rate or use a 10-class card?  As an incentive for you to practice more and join our challenge we are offering a special Summer Challenge Unlimited Pass for only $225!  This pass is ONLY for students participating in the challenge that are not auto-pay members so you can try out a 3-month membership at a VERY affordable rate (it breaks down to only $75/mo).  This pass is valid June 3 - Aug 31 for unlimited regular classes.  It expires Aug 31 w/ no extensions.  The $20 enrollment fee is not included in the price of this pass and must be purchase separately to join the challenge.  These passes will be available to purchase at the studio or online starting June 1.

Can’t start June 3?  Although the official start date is June 3, you can sign up any time before June 30.


October 12 - 14, 2018


We are honored to welcome back certified Ashtanga teacher, David Garrigues.  The weekend workshop offers clinic style led classes that investigate specific aspects of the practice that help students come to new perspectives on how to practice more intelligently, safely and joyfully.  Two semi-private Mysore classes are offered Oct 11 & 12.  

Registration is now OPEN!  The workshop is suitable for ALL LEVELS including beginners.  There is limited space for this workshop so don't wait as it will fill up!