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moon day supplemental class w/ karen vielle

Thursday, December 6 @ 5:30Pm 




These one-hour passive stretching yoga classes are the perfect supplement to an active practice.  They are designed to help release tight connective tissue.  We’ve placed them on our schedule once a month on the day of rest – a moon day – on purpose, to gently restore your body.   By taking these classes you can learn passive stretches to help you release the tighter areas of your body safely.  Suitable for all levels of practitioners.


The Ashtanga practice is a dynamic form of yoga designed to generate heat.  Heat helps to stretch and strengthen muscles and bones; it detoxifies organs and blood.  Although there are many health benefits, to create balance it can be very effective to supplement our active practice with a slower, more passive kind of yoga which helps release tight connective tissue.  Connective tissue surrounds and supports our muscles and all of the tissues of the body, it needs to be stretched carefully and slowly.  If connective tissue becomes hardened it can restrict your flexibility, which may be keeping you from progressing in practice or putting you at risk for injury. 

CLASS FEE:  regular class rates apply.  View the monthly moon day schedule here.

Free community talk w/ Shelley enlow 

Upcoming talk - tba



These one-hour talks are a wonderful way to support your personal yoga practice by helping you stay connected, motivated, and inspired.  We welcome all yoga practitioners from all schools of yoga as well as anyone interested in learning about yoga.  Community talks are designed around yoga theory to provide a deeper layer to the teachings of yoga.  They are meant to be interactive beginning with call and response to select chants, progressing into the topic of the day, and finishing with a Q&A session.  Questions are encouraged; this could be about a specific posture, bandhas, working with injuries, questions about the system, basically questions you have about your practice.