Kurmasana workshop w/ shelley enlow

SEPTEMBER 17 @ 9aM - 12PM


In the Ashtanga Primary Series the postures in the middle of the sequence - Bhujapidasana, Kurmasana and Supta Kurmasana - are the pinnacle postures of the first series as they introduce both the foundation for arm balances and the entryway into leg-behind-head postures for the more advanced series.  

During this workshop, Shelley will take you through these postures step by step showing the delicate layers of understanding of these incredible asanas.    

These postures require an understanding and basic proficiency in the postures up to Navasana from the Primary Series as they require a level of strength, flexibility, stamina, and focus.  Therefore, this workshop is for students familiar with the half series of Ashtanga Yoga or have a strong vinyasa style practice.  This is also an excellent workshop for yoga teachers who wish to deepen their own practices.

Fee:  $40 (regular rate)
$30 (AYS auto-pay member rate)

restorative yoga workshop w/ karen vielle



The busy summer is coming to an end. The kids are going back to school. Now is the perfect time to take a pause, listen to your body, and take care of yourself. This workshop will focus on settling the body and mind to find a place of calm, quiet stillness.  We will start with easy movements to loosen up the body and begin to hone your ability to draw your awareness inward. These will be followed by long gentle yoga postures which are completely supported.  In each pose, you will be reminded to tune in to yourself, let the body soften and relax, and the mind will be guided toward clarity and calm.  This is an excellent opportunity to start the new season refreshed and reconnected with yourself .

Fee:  $30 (regular rate)
$20 (AYS auto-pay member rate)


community talk w/ shelley enlow

OCTOBER 1 @ 11aM - 12PM

Do you like your practice? Often we don't know. This might sound simple but ask yourself the question, "Do I like this pose?", if the answer is no, why not? What needs to be different - are you holding it too strongly, attached to it looking a certain way, finding it painful? How can that change? Does your thought about the pose need to change? Do you need more instruction on the posture to help understand it better? Can you create space within the posture? 

This Community Talk is about finding curiosity and interest in your yoga practice and how to experiment with ways of searching for enjoyment and contentment.  Shelley is ready to address all your questions related to practice; this could be about a specific posture, working with injuries, questions about the system, really anything so bring your list!  


Fee:  The community talk is FREE - anyone practicing yoga is encouraged to attend as we wish to cultivate a larger community of like-minded yoga practitioners and encourage all practices!

intro to mindfulness meditation series w/ Dori langevin 

october 7 @ 11am - 3pm (plus 3 evening classes)

Part Two: The Awakened Heart: Mindfulness of Emotions

This course is the second part in a series of foundational trainings in mindfulness meditation.   This workshop series includes;

  • One Workshop:  Saturday, October 7, 2017  @ 11:00am - 3:00pm
  • Three Classes:  Wednesdays, October 11, October 18 & November 1  @ 7:15pm - 8:30pm
dori 2017.jpg

What is mindfulness meditation? Mindfulness meditation is a systematic body-heart-mind training to cultivate a wise and compassionate relationship with our inner and outer life. By practicing present-centered non-judgmental awareness of sensations, thoughts and emotions we can develop an embodied and open-hearted presence that naturally flows into our relationships and into the world. The Buddha’s teachings are grounded in non-harming, and we can cultivate the intention to practice for the benefit of all life rather than solely for our well-being and freedom from suffering.

Many of us are interested in developing a balanced relationship with our emotional life where we are neither repressing feelings, nor blindly acting them out with our words or actions. The middle ground starts with recognizing emotions as part story-line about ourselves or others -- often rooted in the past or the future -- and part physical sensations in the body unfolding moment by moment. The tangle of strong emotions – pleasant or unpleasant – can be untangled with compassion and wise attention which are the two wings of mindfulness practice. Embodied presence cultivates balance and resiliency as we learn to “surf the waves” of strong mental and emotional experience.

Open to everyone: Part One: Mindfulness of Body was offered in the Spring as the pre-requisite for Part Two: The Awakened Heart: Mindfulness of Emotions. However, if you are motivated to join us, please email or call Dori about your meditation experience and/or support for practicing mindfulness of body as a foundation for working with strong emotions. Mindfulness meditation can be congruent with any spiritual orientation including none at all.

What to expect: The four-hour workshop will include teachings, meditation instructions for mindfulness of emotions in stillness and movement, while eating, and in structured dialogue, as well as time for questions and sharing. Evening classes will include teaching, guided meditation practices and discussion.

Fee:  Workshop & Classes $80 (regular rate) or $70 (AYS auto-pay member rate)
Workshop only:  $50

To register: Mail attached registration form and check payable to Dori Langevin or PayPal invoice to 4612 S. Schafer Branch Road, Spokane, WA, 99206. Refunds will be made when Dori is notified by phone on or before September 24.  No refunds after September 24.

Questions? Contact Dori Langevin at sati@windwireless.net or 509-928-3948.  

thanksgiving classes & ays food drive

we are offering the following classes for the holiday Weekend

Second Harvest has been leading the hunger-relief network in the region since 1971. Second Harvest distributes over 2 million pounds of free food each month to help people in need in 26 counties in Eastern Washington and North Idaho.

11/23 Thanksgiving Day - Donation Class for Second Harvest

9am - 10:30am - Ashtanga Bhakti Class - w/ Shelley Enlow

This guided class will explore the beginning postures of the first series of Ashtanga Yoga and finish with some light pranayama and chanting for devotion in honor of Thanksgiving.  Proceeds for this class support Second Harvest.  Suggested donation $10-20    

11/24 Black Friday

9am - 11am - Holiday Hours Mysore w/ Shelley Enlow

11/25 Saturday

9am - 10:15am - Half Primary Series w/ Betsy Lawrence

11/26 Sunday

9am - 10am - A Taste of Restorative Yoga w/ Karen Vielle

Whether you've been extra busy during the holiday weekend or just want to nurturing yourself, this one hour of restorative yoga will allow the body and mind to find a place of calm, quiet stillness.  This is a shortened version of our Restorative Yoga Workshops that we offer quarterly so it's the perfect time to get a little taste!

*NOTE - Regular class rates for 11/24 - 11/26 classes.  Our normal class schedule will resume Monday, 11/27.

AYS Food Drive for Second Harvest

Start Date: Thursday, November 23
End Date: Sunday, November 26

Our community needs us, help us support Second Harvest fight hunger and feed hope in Spokane!  We are fortunate to be able to practice yoga and have our health.  Our Thanksgiving day class is in direct support to this cause as it is a cash donation class but we will be accepting both will cash and food donations for Second Harvest during all of our holiday class offerings!