Ashtanga yoga is traditionally learned in what’s called a “Mysore style” class where you develop an individualized practice with the support and guidance of an experienced teacher. In a Mysore class the student is introduced and taught each posture, one at a time, so they can easily memorize the Ashtanga sequences with both confidence and comfort. When they become familiar and proficient with the prescribed sequence, they will be advanced by the teacher to the next pose. This lends itself to deep focus and learning to create an independent, mature personal practice. When beginning to learn this method we recommend students commit to practicing three times a week for a minimum of one month. Introduction courses following this format are offered monthly. More info >

Introduction to Mysore

This 4-week course will introduce you to the Mysore style class. It is tailored to fit those who are new to yoga or new to the Ashtanga system. Students will receive extra attention in the sun salutations, foundational asanas, and breathing technique. More info >

Short Forms

Short Forms classes are guided classes focusing on medleys of postures from the Ashtanga method. These powerful yet condensed sequences allow students to explore various aspects of the practice in a creative way. These classes are suitable for less experienced students yet make an excellent support practice for established practitioners.

Half Primary

This guided class is an exploration of the first half of the Primary Series (first series of Ashtanga) through Navasana and includes the finishing postures. Modifications and a brief explanation of the postures will be provided as needed.  It is recommended that students have some prior yoga experience before attending this class.

full Primary

This steadily paced class of the complete Primary Series is instructed with the traditional vinyasa count in Sanskrit. The count reinforces the flow of the practice uninterrupted. If you have not learned the full Primary Series sequence, the teacher may stop you at an appropriate pose and have you observe the class for some of the more advanced postures.  We recommend students have a fairly well-established Ashtanga practice prior to attending. This class is not suitable for beginners.


In this class you will be guided through some basic breathing exercises to begin to build the foundation for the Ashtanga Pranayama Sequence.  This class will introduce the vayu patterns of the in and out breath, use of the 3 bandhas (body locks), and help you develop the technique required for deeper breath retention and control.

Supplemental Yoga

This passive stretching yoga class is the perfect supplement to an active practice.  It is designed to help release tight connective tissue safely and slowly.  We’ve placed them on our schedule once a month on the day of rest – a moon day – on purpose, to gently restore your body.   Suitable for everyone.  View moon day schedule

Community Talk

Our talks are a wonderful way to support your personal practice.  Designed around yoga theory to provide a deeper layer to the teachings, they will help you stay connected, motivated and inspired.  Talks are interactive beginning with call and response chants, progressing into the topic of the day, and finishing with Q&A session.  All practitioners of any school of yoga are welcome!  Community talks are complimentary!