mysore classes

Mysore - all levels:  This class is the traditional way of learning and practicing Ashtanga yoga where you develop an independent practice with the support and guidance from a teacher.  The teacher teaches each student individually through verbal cues and hands on adjustments in a group setting.  This class is for everyone; from complete beginners to advanced practitioners and for people of all ages from 12 and up.  Beginners and new to Ashtanga students are encouraged to take our Introduction to Ashtanga Course, however if you have attended our guided classes and would like to drop-in to the Mysore classes we can help you establish a practice on which to build.  More info >

guided classes

guided classes help introduce and reinforce the vinyasa (the linking of breath and postures) of Ashtanga yoga.  In these classes the vinyasas are counted out loud and all students follow along together accordingly.  Each guided class listed below progresses in level based on the skill level needed to participate safely.

Ashtanga Basics - level 1:  Foundations of yoga breathing and basics postures of Ashtanga yoga tailored to the varying levels of the students present.  

Half Primary Series - level 2:  This class explores the postures of the first half of the first series of Ashtanga yoga.  Modifications and a brief explanation of the postures will be provided as needed.  

Full Primary Series - level 3:  Full first series of Ashtanga yoga with it's traditional vinyasa count.  If you have not learned the full primary series sequence, the teacher may stop you at an appropriate pose and have you observe the class for some of the more advanced postures.

specialty classes

Supplemental Moon Day Class:  This passive stretching yoga class is the perfect supplement to an active practice.  It is designed to help release tight connective tissue safely and slowly.  We’ve placed them on our schedule once a month on the day of rest – a moon day – on purpose, to gently restore your body.   Suitable for everyone.

Free Community Talks:  Our talks are a wonderful way to support your personal practice.  Designed around yoga theory to provide a deeper layer to the teachings, they will help you stay connected, motivated and inspired.  Talks are interactive beginning with call and response chants, progressing into the topic of the day, and finishing with Q&A session.  All practitioners of any school of yoga are welcome!  


All classes, including Mysore, are available on a drop-in basis, with no advance registration.  New students - we welcome you to create an online profile prior to attending your first class.  To do this, please visit the "class calendar" page and click “sign-up” on the class you plan to attend.